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In these interactive webinars, Corey and Edda Coscioni, who have been leading Couples Programs at the Wright Foundation for over twenty years, will teach you and your significant other to build the relationship of your dreams! With the help of powerful tools from the Wright Foundation curriculum, you’ll discover how to deepen intimacy, communicate more authentically, and create a powerful, purposeful relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

Whether you’ve been together for two weeks or twenty years, you’ll discover fun and engaging exercises you and your partner can do together to deepen intimacy, strengthen your connection, and learn more about each other!

Join Edda and Corey for the whole series, or just one event.

Intimate Living, Loving and Fighting

September 23

Real intimacy takes courage, honesty, and emotional intelligence to know how you feel, who you are and what you stand for.  Learn to live the six key skills of having a deeply intimate, loving relationship.

Get Literate in the Language of Love

October 7

Great lovers read and respond to each other at a very high level – their feelings, motivations, values, desires, and much more.  Learn the vision of flowing through your days together, and how ride the ebbs and flows successfully.

Getting Close to Your Partner is an Inside Job

September 30

Break through your beliefs of finding the perfect mate; and discover the power of becoming the perfect mate. Join Corey and Edda in learning the skills for true intimacy in your relationship.  It all begins with you.

Getting Up, Out, In and Out -- Master Your Relationship by Mastering Your Expression

October 14

Too often, couples think that emotional facility is only toning feelings down, numbing them, or making them go away.  We will show you the power you and your partner being able to express appropriately to your partner.  Learn the power of tapping the power of the four directions of emotional facility.

The Good Fight; Expanding Your Vision of Your Dream Relationship

October 21

Battling to bliss means that you “Fight the Good Fight” and follow the Seven Rules of Engagement, in pursuit of your best self.  Learn how to embrace the vision and the power of mutually battling to bliss with your partner.


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