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New Year’s Visioning Workshop

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Start off the New Year and set a clear, attainable vision for yourself, your career and your business

Setting our goals and creating a vision for 2021 may feel slightly different to us this year than last, but it is more important than ever to do so! 

2020 gave us some big challenges and even bigger opportunities to rise to our best selves, but how do we move into the New Year knowing the pandemic will still be moving into it with us? 

We do it with purpose. A sense of purpose is crucial to our wellbeing, now more than ever, and that is why we are offering this powerful workshop. If this year did anything for us, it made us rethink what really matters in terms of our career, relationships, finances, health, and our lives.

That is what this New Year’s Visioning event will support and empower, because even though it feels like everything changed in 2020, some things stayed the same. Did you know that even though every year millions of us make New Year’s resolutions to help improve our lives, studies have shown that only 10% of us will actually achieve our goals?

2021 is ready for you to rise into it! Attending this workshop will help you:

Create a compelling vision for the new year!
Discover how to take small, powerful steps for lasting changes
Have the necessary tools to avoid the pitfalls that could derail your goals and desires to live your best year yet.


Thursday,  January 7th
6:00 – 8:00 PM CT 


Event will be online!


It’s Free!

About The Speaker

Dr. Judith Wright is hailed as a peerless educator, world-class coach, relationships and lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant. She is called one of “America’s Ultimate Experts’’

A media favorite, sought‐after speaker, respected leader, bestselling author, world‐class, coach, and corporate consultant, Judith has appeared as a featured lifestyle expert and coach on ABC’s 20/20, Oprah, Good Morning America, the Today show, and hundreds of radio and television shows. Called the “world’s ultimate expert,” by Women’s World magazine, her work has appeared in over 100 magazines and newspapers around the globe. Judith has the rare ability to touch groups of all types and sizes, communicating her messages with great passion that inspires audiences.

Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential

At the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, each of us has a zeal for life—and we all have something important in common: We want to help YOU create a life story worth telling.

We synergize the latest scientific research with well-established philosophies and psychologies to provide a practical approach to broadening and brightening each individual’s outlook.

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