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Are you Ready to Rumble? Fight Early and Often

May 12

Fighting? How could this lead to anything good? Why come to a webinar that not only encourages you to fight; but also to fight early and often. Learn how the skills of facing concerns, upset, and tension with your partner are the best way to become happy. Learn three straightforward skills that will teach you will make you two truly happy.


Shake it up, Baby!

May 19

Every couple comes to a point where each day is similar to the last; where you have started to settle; where you don’t have much novelty in your relationship. Join us in this webinar to learn skills of creating novelty and adventure; where you create standards that help you stretch and grow; ultimately helping you become more intimate.


The Retirement Conundrum

May 26

The American Dream! Work 65 years in order to finally retire, travel, enjoy more time together. It sounds so enticing. Yet, is it? Join us to look at how to sidestep the retirement conundrum and create a vision of retirement that is fulfilling; where you and your partner grow closer as you face your retirement as an adventure.


Level Up; Relationships Built on Highest Denominator

June 2

Be great partners beyond the bedroom, and you’ll experience more love and satisfaction. In the happiest relationships, partners respect each other and share power and decision-making powers. Learn how to learn from each other strengths and build on the highest denominator so that you can avoid unnecessary fights and learn and grow together.


Change Your Mind; Change Your Relationship

June 9

All of us have misconceptions about life and relationships. Whether you know it or not your unconscious beliefs are creating your relationship. Learn skills that will help you uncover your mistaken beliefs; change your mind, and make your relationship one that you truly cherish.


Getting Turned On

June 16

When you understand how the brain works, you realize there is no such thing as a quick fix to change. Lasting changes in your relationship require rematrixing – repeated, conscious stretching into new beliefs and behaviors. Learn key skills in having a loving relationship that lasts, grows, and is juicy.



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In these interactive webinars, Corey and Edda Coscioni, who have been leading Couples Programs at the Wright Foundation for over twenty years, will teach you and your significant other to build the relationship of your dreams! With the help of powerful tools from the Wright Foundation curriculum, you’ll discover how to deepen intimacy, communicate more authentically, and create a powerful, purposeful relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

Whether you’ve been together for two weeks or twenty years, you’ll discover fun and engaging exercises you and your partner can do together to deepen intimacy, strengthen your connection, and learn more about each other!

Join Edda and Corey for the whole series, or just one event.