Being Single

in a Time of Social Distancing


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Singlehood never has to mean being alone. But when public health requires retreating to our self-protective bubbles of home and family, it’s even more important to approach being single with a sense of purpose.

Whether you’re single and seeking, happily solo, or somewhere in between, this interactive online workshop is one you won’t want to miss, as you learn to navigate this unprecedented social landscape.

Our panel of social-emotional intelligence coaches —Megan Taylor, Kate Holmquest, Jillian Eichel, and Phil Blue— will share time-tested strategies for making the most out of this time in your life, and this time in our world.

Rather than feeling lonely or less-than —or substituting your usual dating life with diversions that won’t move you forward— this can be a time for discovering new skills and abilities, developing stronger friendships, making new connections with confidence and enthusiasm, and —most importantly— developing a fulfilling relationship with yourself.


Thursday, April 2
7:00 – 7:45 P.M. CDT


Event will be webcast only


It’s Free!

About The Speakers

Megan Taylor, a speaker and facilitator at Wright, received her Masters in Social and Emotional Intelligence at Wright Graduate University in 2016. She is an international DJ with over 10 years of experience. She is passionate about using music to personalize each event. Her goal is to create and play a soundscape that communicates her client’s overall vision. Megan is recognized in Chicago for her leadership and training.

Kate Holmquest serves as Campus Director for the Wright Graduate University and provides support to the Wright Foundation’s non-credit programs as a coach and curriculum developer. She manages day-to-day operations of the university, oversees the curriculum, provides leadership and support to faculty and students, and maintains student relations.

Jillian Eichel is responsible for developing the coaching curriculum for Wright’s programs and has successfully organized, presented and facilitated personal empowerment weekend and evening workshops and training onsite and offsite for the Wright Foundation for the past decade. She coaches people in the areas of career, self, and relationship, and can be hired to come into your company to present workshops such as the CARE Personality Profile for increasing Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Philip Blue is a coach the at Wright Foundation and Professor of Applied Neuroscience at Wright Graduate University. He completed his PhD in cognitive neuroscience at China’s top university, Peking University, after attending Carleton College and conducting neuroscience research at the University of Chicago.

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At the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, each of us has a zeal for life—and we all have something important in common: We want to help YOU create a life story worth telling.

We synergize the latest scientific research with well-established philosophies and psychologies to provide a practical approach to broadening and brightening each individual’s outlook.

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