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    Avoiding the Drama Triangle

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Do you find yourself having the same fights over and over? Do you feel like you’re the only grown-up in your relationships? Are your conversations filled with blaming and complaining?

You, like all humans, are most likely stuck in the Drama Triangle, which is the psychological equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle!

Engaging in the Drama Triangle is a common tactic used to avoid taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions by playing one of three roles: the Victim, the Persecutor, or the Rescuer. 

How do those roles keep you from satisfaction, success, and taking genuine care of yourself? And how can you keep from getting trapped in them?

In this interactive webinar, learn how to break free from the Drama Triangle with several empowering and straightforward techniques. 

You can start using them right away to live life with greater possibilities and fulfillment to:

Break free from the Drama Triangle and take responsibility for your happiness, satisfaction, and self-care

Find nourishment and fulfillment, no matter the circumstances

Improve every relationship, both personal and professional

Please join us for this inspiring, actionable event!


Thursday, April 8,
6:00-8:00 ᴍ ᴄᴛ


Online via Zoom



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