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Thursday, April 16
5:30 pm Networking
6-8 pm Program

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Leverage Your Personality Style for Better Results!

Have you ever taken a “Personality Quiz” to better understand your own actions and behaviors?

You may have taken one of the many assessments available (Myers-Briggs, DISC profile, Personality colors, etc.) and gotten a label to describe you, but you probably didn’t get much information about how your personality profile can also be leveraged in building stronger relationships.

By understanding how your personality type interacts with the personalities of others, you can develop your social and emotional intelligence to build stronger, more effective, and more trusting relationships at work and at home.

Not sure what your personality profile is? Take the quiz here and find out.

In our Personality Profile workshop, you’ll learn our take on the 4 personality styles and how you can:

Reduce stress and increase partnership with people who typically rub you the wrong way
Understand what it means to build and maintain rapport with others
Be a stronger leader and better teammate
Network with other Chicago professionals


Thursday, April 16
5:30pm CST Networking
6:00pm CST Event Begins


The Wright Foundation
445 E Ohio Street suite 340
Chicago, IL 60611

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About The Speaker

As the CVRO, Barbara is responsible for designing and leading the strategic vision for Wright. Barbara is a corporate consultant, coach, trainer, and specialist in the areas of transformational leadership, transformative education, marketing, and employee empowerment. She has over 22 years’ experience marketing in a broad range of industries including healthcare, industrial supplies, association management, financial services, and consumer goods.

Barbara trains and speaks on a wide variety of topics. Barbara is currently a leader in SOFIA—the Society of Femininity in Action—founded by Judith Wright. She leads groups on  career enhancement, women’s development, goal-setting and achievement, and has been a key leader for Judith’s sacred travel trips to places like China, Tibet, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Israel, Bosnia, and many more.

Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential

At the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, each of us has a zeal for life—and we all have something important in common: We want to help YOU create a life story worth telling.

We synergize the latest scientific research with well-established philosophies and psychologies to provide a practical approach to broadening and brightening each individual’s outlook.

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